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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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About the cover
  • 1) Is this site secure?
    • We have a secure server with 128-bit encryption on our secure socket layer (SSL), ensuring your details are totally safe and secure.

      The site is also totally secure and monitored daily by HackSafe to ensure our site conforms to strict standards. You can see the HackSafe / ScanAlert badge on the right hand side bar.

      Thawte Certificate – we are Thawte certified. This certificate acts as our digital ID card and proves we are who we say we are. To obtain this certificate we have had to prove our identity, location and authenticity.

      Lock & Key Symbol – to confirm our transaction pages are secure, look in the bottom corner of your browser window for the locked padlock or key symbol.
  • 2) Do you only cover UK residents?
    • Yes. You must have been a resident of the United Kingdom for a minimum of 12 months at the time of policy inception. You must have a permanent residential address in the UK and have not been travelling abroad continuously for more than 12 months.
  • 6) Do you insure professional triathletes?
    • Yes, we can look to cover professional triathletes by referral. If you earn your living from cycling or triathlons then please contact our Customer Support Centre for more details.
  • 7) What value should I insure my bicycle for?
    • For items that can be readily replaced with a new one (or with a similar model), the value should be the usual, undiscounted cost including VAT from a reputable dealer at the time you apply. End of season offers and bargains from Ebay do NOT count as the usual price.

      It is better to over insure rather than under insure.
  • 8) What is the maximum value you insure?
    • We can provide cover for individual bicycles and fixed accessories up to a maximum value of £12,500 on any one policy. You can insure up to 3 bicycles on one policy providing the total value does not exceed £12,500, or an individual bicycle value of £12,500.

      If you have a bicycle over that value, we may be able to cover you, please call on 0345 450 6985 for an individual quote.
  • 9) Do you cover more than one bicycle on a policy?
    • Yes, provided they are all owned and used by the same person. You will receive a 10% discount if you insure 2 bicycles with us or 15% discount for 3 bicycles on the same policy.

      The bicycle values must not exceed a combined total of £12,500 including any fixed accessories or exceed a value of £12,500 per bicycle.

      If you, your partner or any family members have a bicycle each, you will need to have separate policies.

      If other members of your family, group or association need occasional use of your bicycle, select the other riders option which extends theft and accidental damage cover whilst they use your bicycle.
  • 10) Is there an excess on this policy?
    • There is a £25 excess on each and every claim except for stored in wooden sheds, communal hallways, communal outbuildings or privately accessed gardens when the excess will be £100 or 20% of the bike value; whichever is the greater. Public Liability claims are subject to a £500 excess for thrid party damage only
  • 14) Am I covered to take my bicycle abroad?
    • This depends on the options you choose with Triathlonguard. Our standard cover allows you to use your bicycle anywhere in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

      If you need cover outside of the UK, you can choose to extend this cover to:

      • Anywhere in EU (45 days per trip) with a maximum of 90 days in any policy year
      • Anywhere in the world (45 days per trip) with a maximum of 90 days in any policy year.
  • 16) What is public liability cover?
    • Public liability is known by a couple of different names† personal liability or third party liability. It provides cover against damage to persons (other than to racing competitors or officials) or property caused by your proven negligence. Triathlonguard offer you the choice of £1, £2 or £5 million of liability cover.

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