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Please note: the explanation of terms below is intended for guidance only; for contractual definitions, refer to the policy wordings.

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Accessories Cover - an option that provides cover for cycling and triathlon specific: helmets, hats or caps, shoes, overshoes, jerseys or vests, base layers, gilets, gloves, glasses & goggles, jackets, shorts, bib shorts, bibs, biblongs, tights, trousers, socks, wetsuits used exclusively for Triathlons, swimwear, warmers, compression clothing, backpacks, water bottles and cages, hydration packs, cameras specifically designed for cycling and mounted to a helmet, frame or handlebars; cycling computer; cycling GPS unit, lights, cycle luggage, panniers, saddle bag, cycling tools, cycling armour & guards.

Active - this allows cyclists to participate in competitive cycle events.

You do not need the Active option to take part in:

  • Road based time trials
  • Charity rides
  • Endurance events
  • Cyclosportif or Audax events

Annual payment - a one-off payment in advance to cover a year’s insurance. This is the cheapest way of obtaining cover.

Annual policy - all Triathlonguard policies, even when paid by direct debit, are annual policies and cover you for a full 12 months unless cancelled by either party under our standard cancellation terms.

Approved lock - a lock from the appropriate category of the approved locklist supplied by us. Any other lock which is not on the list would need our written approval.

Approved locklist - a list of locks tested by Sold Secure (a division of the Master Locksmiths Association), which form the basis of our bicycle security requirements. You must use a lock from the relevant category that applies to your bicycle – you can use a lock from a higher category but not lower.

Click to go to our approved locklist.

Area - you can choose to be insured for locations outside of the UK. If you require worldwide cover, you will automatically receive the EU cover also. The area of cover also extends to your family and public liability extensions if taken.

Bicycle - any bicycle, tricycle, tandem, trailer cycle or push scooter that is powered by human pedalling. The bicycle must not be subject to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

Business use - this allows you to use your bike for business purposes BUT excludes hire, reward, courier services or using your bike for the carriage of paying passengers.

Commencement date - the date that the policy starts.

Evidence of ownership - to pay out for an insurance claim, we need to be certain that you were/are the owner of the insured items. Evidence can be shown by, for example, an original receipt clearly showing the item and date of purchase. Alternative evidence can include a bank or credit card statement, photographs, a copy receipt from the retailer, packaging or literature.

Excess - this is the amount of money that you contribute towards the cost of a claim.

  • For policies incepted on or after 2nd January 2013 there is a £25 excess on each and every claim
  • For policies incepted before 2nd January 2013 no claim will be paid under £100 however we will consider the full cost of any claim over this figure
  • The first £100 or 20% whichever is the greater for bikes stored in wooden sheds, privately accessed gardens, communal hallways or communal outbuildings
  • Public liability claims are subject to a £500 excess for third party property damage only

Forcible and violent entry - entry to a property that clearly shows damage to the lock, building, room or vehicle, caused as a direct result of theft.

Immovable object - this can be:

  • A solid object that is not capable of being undone, removed with or lifted under or over the bicycle
  • A properly fixed roof rack or bike rack
  • At train stations a bike rack supplied by the train station specifically for the purpose of securing bikes and within the jurisdiction of the transport police.

Insured location - this is a single, specified place where you keep your bicycle overnight, typically your home or student accommodation.

Minimum claim - for policies incepted before 2nd January 2013 no claim will be paid under £100 however we will consider the full cost of any claim over this figure.

Multibike discount - you can insure up to 3 bicycles on your policy, but the bicycles must be yours and used mainly by you. You will receive a discount of 10% if you insure 2 bikes or a 15% discount if you insure 3 bikes on the same policy.

Other riders - means any other member of your family, club, group or association aged over 16 years.

Period of insurance - the length of time for which you are covered, all Triathlonguard policies run for a period of 12 months even when being paid by monthly direct debit.

Personal accident - if you have an accident whilst using your bicycle, this provides cover up to £10,000 for death & permanent total disablement and £5,000 for loss of limb or eye.

Policy summary - this is a brief outline of the terms and conditions including any significant exclusions or conditions of an insurance policy. The summary is not a substitute for reading the full policy wording.

Policy wording - this sets out in full the terms and conditions of your insurance cover. It is essential that you read the wording and comply with any terms and conditions it sets out. We have made it as straightforward as possible to read and understand.

Much of the information provided on this site is for guidance – only the relevant policy wording can be taken as a binding contract.

Premium - the amount you pay (either a single amount in advance or by credit agreement with Thistle Insurance Services Limited) to provide annual insurance cover for your bicycle.

Property - when we refer to property we don’t only mean buildings but also personal items, such as a laptop, a table or car… basically anything!

Public liability - this Triathlonguard option protects you against third party claims for injury or damage to other persons property - so, for example, in the event that you accidentally ride into a person and cause injury or damage – that person could claim against you for compensation. You can choose from 3 levels of cover available - £1, £2 or £5 million. The area of public liability cover is the same as the level of bicycle cover you choose. It does not cover member to member liability, so you wouldn’t be covered if you injured another competitor in a race or event.

The public liability option also includes personal accident cover, which pays you an amount of money should you suffer an injury whilst using your bicycle.

Public liability is also known as third party liability.

Replacement value - this is the price an item would normally cost new in a store including VAT rather than a specially discounted or sale price or ebay bargain!

Serial number - the unique code that identifies your bicycle, also referred to as a frame number.

It is essential that we have the serial number for all bicycles, if your bicycle does not have a serial number you must use an identification system with a unique number or a transponder/tag installation with a registration number.

The serial or frame number is usually located on the underside of the bottom bracket (the large circular section that your crankset sits in).

Specified rider liability extension - you can list any number of other riders on your policy to benefit from £1 million of public liability cover each. The cost is just £15 per rider and we itemise the costs so you can reclaim the money if required.

Regardless of the level of liability cover you take, specified riders can benefit from a maximum of £1 million liability cover.

Sum insured - this is the total value of your bicycle and any fixed accessories.

Terms of business - the basis on which you do business with us. Click for more information.

Third-party liability - this is the same as public liability.

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